What’s up with this line behind the lace front?

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From a client e-mail:

Hello, I recently received my order. Everything seems fine but there is a problem that concerns me. In front of the lace there is this line which is not very obvious, but when I put it on my head it scared me a lot. I fear that because that line is exactly in front of my head it is so obvious that I am wearing a wig that anyone can tell from far away. I searched online, watched a lot of videos and pictures and couldn’t find any line in any of them. (It is very noticeable so I am pretty sure they can’t hide it.)

Help me please.

This picture was also attached:

This is the kind of question we get from those new to wearing wigs and who have not yet picked up some of the tricks, so let’s make this a teachable moment. 🙂

First of all, nobody in any of the videos online (or in everyday wear situations) was wearing their hair pulled back in this exact same way, right? I say this because this is the best way you could have picked to show me this seam.

Usually, only a tiny little sliver of the seam is exposed in the part. This is extremely easy to blend into the “scalp” with just a tiny dab of liquid concealer. BOOM! That’s it!

This is actually a very normal part of any wig that has both a lace front and a monofilament top. In fact, the only wigs on the market with lace fronts that don’t have this seam are those with monofilament side parts. Mono part wigs tend to have a continuous band of monofilament from the front to the part. Otherwise, basically all lace front / monofilament top wigs have this seam to fuse the two together.

The way I get around this when I wear wigs like this is by avoiding completely straight parts. I tend to take a little strand from the side and use it to cover the seam. No one can ever tell . . . which is probably why you never noticed it in the videos!

From the picture above, the top of this wig actually looks very good to me. The knotting is nice and small, and the knots are close together without being too close.

If this seam is something that makes you very self-conscious, then perhaps lace front / monofilament top wigs aren’t really the best fit for you. The Swiss lace used for the monofilament and lace features is translucent by design — so the cap is made to be see through! They have to fit the seam in there some place, so your best bet is to work around it or try to find a type of cap that doesn’t have this issue. 🙂

I recommend a wig with a monofilament part and a lace front in lieu of a completely hand-tied top. You’ll have some permatease to deal with in this case, but there won’t be a seam. Another great option would be to forget about the lace front altogether and go for a wig with a nice double-monofilament top, like the ones from the Amore or Jon Renau lines.

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