Why do certain styles look longer/shorter on different people?

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Customer Question:

I have to ask why some wigs look shorter on different people. For some reason the wigs, I only have one, look longer on me.

That is a fantastic question! Now, I also have a question for you, have you measured your face? (from your hairline to your chin) This measurement will help greatly with figuring what the length of a style will be on you, especially when it comes those shorter, pixie cuts! I also have a very petite cap size and about a 7″ long face. So, I know when I see a certain style has a fringe measurement of 3.75″ (about 4″), I know it’s most likely going to fall around my cheekbone, maybe a bit higher, like with Ivy by Noriko. I use this same trick for the side measurement as well. I find it really helps me determine if I’ll like the length of a certain style.

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