Why gray is always on trend.

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The negative association with gray hair is starting to become a thing of the past. Celebrities and people who are nowhere near the silver years are dyeing their gray or wearing gray wigs and extensions. Young women who are going gray prematurely are embracing the color and are even working to change society’s perception of it. And according to Allure Magazine, gray hair was predicted to be one of the biggest hair trends of 2018.

It’s a color that signifies wisdom. Some also believe it signifies an inability to commit. But if you ask me, it takes a pretty confident and committed person to pull off gray hair.

Have you been thinking about going gray? Get ready to turn heads. Lucky for you, you don’t have even have to bleach your hair to achieve that ideal gray. Thanks to CysterWigs, you can either ease into gray naturally or take the trend head on with styles and colors that are right for you.

Different tones of gray, interspersed subtly, offer new possibilities for wearing your hair. You can go for a platinum tone that teeters on blonde, you can go for black with hints of gray, you can try a brown peppered with gray or you can go for an ethereal white. And don’t forget about the alternative grays. If you prefer a funkier gray, try one with a fun mix of blue, silver and lilac tones.

There’s a gray out there that fits every mood or attitude. Don’t be afraid to have fun and play around with the different shades and tones. And experiment with different lengths, too. A silvery gray bob is a chic look for day or night. Or if you’re feeling wild and bold, go for a full mane of smoky locks. Whatever direction you go in, wear it with pride. Again, if you can pull this look off, you can pull just about anything off—and that opens the door to even more possibilities!

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