Youthful Grays & More -Comparing grays & wig style observations by Kathleen

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Hi folks Kathleen here with a couple of more grays to review on the styles Sweet Talk by Gabor and Ruby by Jon Renau and along for the ride previously reviewed Isla by Tony of Beverly. Not in-depth wig reviews but my overall opinion of Sweet Talk and Ruby both of which are firsts for me. As you might know I have discovered grays of late and I am quite smitten. My idea of an old granny with a short permed hairdo in gray looking and acting old has gone out the window. Gray can be a very youthful and on point. It really depends on what hue and style you choose.

For the first look and comparison of these grays I am using front views of Sweet Talk, Ruby & Isla (images 2, 3, & 4) Most of these grays even if they have a name also have color codes (numbers) that go along with them. I am not going to reference the numbers in my color reviews in an attempt to simplify my color descriptions. One reason for that is that one number in a brand is not always the same color in another brand. Case in point Gabor colors tend to be lighter and softer than other brands using the same number codes. So I will just be comparing these colors visually and breaking down their overall similarities and differences. All the photos I use in this blog are taken in the same natural lighting conditions to give you the most accurate color photos I can achieve.

Sweet Talk in Sugared Silver. This gray is very light not a pure white silver but getting close. This is a cool gray. Basically a medium gray with lots of very light gray mixed evenly throughout the wig. The front will be as light as the back. Really pretty if you are afraid of going pure white. Out of the three grays its the lightest.

Ruby above in image 3 in Oyster is the overall darkest of the three grays I am exploring today. She is also a cool gray like Sugared Sliver just darker. From the front she doesn’t look that much darker than Sweet Talks Sugared Silver and that is because she has beautiful bold light gray highlights in front. These gradually transition to a medium gray bordering on dark gray at the nape. A dynamic color like this looks amazing on a pixie like Ruby. It gives a short style like this more presence or weight visually.

To round out my gray review for today is Isla in Minx. Minx is a little warmer than both Gabor’s Sugared Silver and Jon Renau’s Oyster. I would consider her a neutral gray. Why do I label her and as a neutral gray you ask? Well it is all relative. She’s not as cool as Oyster but she is not as warm as lets say Tony of Beverly’s Silverstone or Jon Renau’s Martini. Overall she falls in between the lightest color I am exploring today Sugared Sliver and the darkest color Oyster. She has a lot more light gray highlighting throughout than Oyster.

Above in image 5 is a side view of Sugared Silver by Gabor. You can see how evenly the colors are distributed throughout Sweet Talk. Still dynamic and looks very pretty on a heavily textured style like this.

Image 6 illustrates how Oyster is heavily highlighted in front and top and gradually gets darker. Beautifully done. The very bottom of the nape is a medium/dark gray. I love the bold very light gray highlights in front.

The side views of these grays really illustrate the differences the best. Minx in image 7 basically has more light gray mixed throughout and doesn’t get as dark in the back as Oyster on Ruby does. There are softer light gray highlights in front framing the face which is very flattering.

Sugared Silver by Gabor is the lightest gray out of these three.

Oyster by Jon Renau is the darkest overall gray which is illustrated from the back view on image 9.

Minx is overall a medium/light gray. Her light gray highlights used in front and throughout are a little warmer than the other two grays that is why I consider her a neutral gray. A very natural looking gray.

All the lace fronts on these wigs are equally well done. I could very easily clip anyone of these styles off my face with total confidence. Just gorgeous.

Image 17 shows me wearing Sweet Talk in Sugared Silver with brighter lighting conditions than the previous photos of the three gray styles on wig heads. This is as light and bright as you’ll see this color. Cool light silver gray. I adore this style. I’m a sucker for a short curly wig. Sweet Talk is no exception. She has permatease but not too much just enough to keep the volume. Mine seems to be a little less curled on one side. I sprayed her with my water bottle and scrunched her up and then used wig holding spray to help keep the curl. This worked like a charm. It could just be a case of box hair. Until I wet her completely and hang upside down I won’t know for sure. 😉I love the length of Sweet Talk…great for the warmer weather and again in the winter since she won’t rub up against collars on coats etc.

Ruby well I must say she was a bit of a surprise….a good surprise. 😊Overall I love her. The style is just like Taz described in her video review. A grown out pixie… perfect! I love the longer sideburn and nape length. The longer tousled loose waves on top give a lot to play with styling wise. A little bit of a challenge to keep the wefts covered up front. But that is not uncommon with light colors.

I am so in love with this style I am getting another in a different color. 💕

Isla in Minx is the happy middle gray. Not too light not too dark not too cool not too I still love this gray. And you can’t get sweeter than this wavy bob. The take away here is all of these styles are on trend. Even Isla is a contemporary version of a classic wavy bob. And these grays are not your grandmothers grays. They are chic and range from subtle fashion grays to truly dramatic grays. Part of gray hair not making you look or feel old is the style you wear it in. Keep it fresh and on trend and you’ll not only feel good about yourself you’ll look fresh and youthful. Enjoy!

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Sweet Talk by Gabor
Ruby by Jon Renau
Isla by Tony of Beverly

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  1. Joan Boes
    May 31, 2018 / 9:39 pm

    Kathleen, you have done it again. Another superb review! So in-depth, with terrific descriptions and those pics- absolutely amazing. Also, you’ve proven again that there is not a wig color that doesn’t look amazing on you. Thanks & I can only say that I know Heather is happy that you’re part of the Cysterwigs team! ( if I may speak for her 😉)

    • Kathleen Ryan
      June 2, 2018 / 1:12 pm

      Hi Joan!…I hope you’ve been are too kind I do love what I do and I’m glad it shows. I am having fun with these grays they really do flatter our skin as we get older. Thanks for taking the time to read and give youre lovely

  2. Vi
    June 4, 2018 / 3:52 pm

    You look fab in all of them! I’m torn between 2 that look similar in color on my monitor, how does the back of Oyster compare to the Black Pearl as far as the depth of the back? Thanks, Vi

    • Kathleen Ryan
      June 5, 2018 / 2:03 pm

      Hi. I..thanks! Black Pearl? Do you mean Pearl Mist the Tony of Beverly color I showed on Isla or Midnight Pearl? Either way Oyster is going to be the lightest most gradual light to darker back out of them. If you want more drama pearl Mist or Midnight Pearl will be your better choice..Oyster is more of a medium gray in the back with hints of darker brown. And that is at the very bottom of the nape. TOB is overall a darl gray/brown with dramatic light gray highlights in front and on top. Midnight Pearl looks even more dramatic. Those base colors are darker than Oyster. I hope this helps…:-) -Kathleen

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